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Multi-directional Feedback Collection System

Welcome to Happy Faces, let us propel and enhance your online reputation. Use innovation as an integral part of your business. We specialise in events, weddings and businesses. Our multi-directional system is so flexible that we can tailor it to suit the needs of all businesses or events. We can monitor feedback and create trend analysis to support your needs. Ultimately we can help you keep your customers and guests happy all the time!

Android Kiosk

Android Kiosk

With Android Tablet Kiosk application you can collect maximum feedback from your business or event. The Application is specifically designed for kiosk operation and running long hours.

Feedback Customization

Feedback Customisation

Customize kiosk application for your brand. Add your questionnaire to it.

Business Analytics

Business Analysis

Measure your feedback rate and the impact; your service has on your customers. Find where you excel and where you can further improve. Your entire business at a glance.

We are providing different Happy Faces variations for perfect fitting in different fields. Our study resulted as below. If you need another variation for your specific need, we are always open to listen. Contact us by selecting Others. We will build it for you.

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