Place your brand logo and name

  • on Android tablet Kiosk
  • on Feedback page
  • on QR badge
  • on Facebook share and Whatsapp share
  • on Feedback thank you page
  • As banners
  • Brand name will be there on every email communication

Customize captions

Customize your captions

  • Appearing on Feedback forms
  • Appearing on Coupons
  • Appearing on Thank you page


Ask questions suitable to your business

  • Login as a user
  • Add/Edit/Delete questions in ‘Questionnaire’ page
  • Question limit is based on your selected plan

Review privacy

Disable public view of your reviews

  • Toggle “Disable reviews public” button

Enable public view of your reviews

  • Toggle “Enable reviews public” button

Facebook sharing

Share a specific review on facebook to promote your reputation

  • Go to ‘view reviews’ in your dashboard
  • Share reviews using facebook share button

Share your feedback page on facebook (just share link)

Share your profile page on facebook (just share link)


Analyze your reviews and business

  • It gives a detailed study about the feedbacks hit on you
  • Analyze the reviews and make the necessary changes in your business if it is required

Analyze each questions

Analyze everyday ratings

Analyze everyday engagements

Analyze review locations

QR Badge

Generate QR badges and share your feedback form on print media

Facebook share OG

Share feedback form and profile page stories on facebook

  • Make your audience familiar with your business
  • Easy sharing with facebook open graph integration

Whatsapp share meta

Share feedback page and profile page stories on whatsapp

  • Make your audience familiar with your business
  • Easy sharing with whatsapp meta data integration

HF search engine visibility

Happy Faces as a search engine

  • Search locally for your user/business from happy faces
  • User should specify most relevant minimum 4 tags to get most advantage

Thank you offer

You can add a coupon for those who give you reviews

  • An elegant and small gift for feedbacks

PDF Album generation

You can generate beautiful PDF albums of selected reviews to showcase your reputation

Face customization

Customize your face images using your brand related images

  • Images appear on the kiosk (Happy and Sad versions)
  • Customer can touch on the faces and provide their feedback
  • Only available for standard and premium plan users

Coupon campaign

Manages coupons of a feedback campaign

Generate attractive offers for your customers through coupon campaigns

You can set the offers for a limited period of time

Winner selection

  • Manually, you will get notification to select winner on campaign completion
  • Auto, Coupon manager will automatically select winners and send you notifications for acceptance

Only available for standard and premium plan users

Winner selection

Manual or auto selection of winners

  • Only available for standard and premium plan users

Shop Ad banners

Your brand advertisement banners scrolls on your kiosk

Profile description

Give an appropriate description for the profile

  • A small description about the business, your service, what you sell etc
  • Profile description will be visible for all the customers in the profile page
  • You can set beautiful html content also here

Email alerts

Alerts you in real time when your business get a feedback. (kiosk feedback alerts will be subjected to the availability of internet)

  • Every feedback will also be sent to the user who gave feedback. Email will contain your brand name

Review monitoring

We always monitor the feedbacks and any comments with abusive nature will be removed

Also you can report abuse if a review is not making good grounds

Short readable links

We will provide an exclusively short readable and printable URL for your feedback form and profile page

Facebook promotion of reviews*

We will promote the best reviews as facebook advertisements occasionally in a month on your prefered location

  • We guarantee a Maximum of 1000 users reach in a month through facebook and instagram
  • This is only available for premium plan users
  • If more campaigns are required please do contact us

Live feedback display

We are providing android/ios/chrome applications for scrolling reviews, you can use it to display the best reviews

*Facebook promotion is applicable for paid accounts only