A robot for collecting your special event greetings and keep them for ever

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Using our Innovative technology we offer a modern day solution to not only create moments and memories but to Capture them from everyone’s point of view. From selfie’s to comments we Capture it all and allow you to even share on your own social media with 1-click.

How we do it....

You create it, Greet Robo captures, we link it, we all share it, we all see it, we store it and finally we bring it all together!

Happy Faces Live

Remember the last party you attended and a dance-off broke out between people you would least expect it from, moves such as the worm and the robot were performed but you missed it. What if someone at the party had Captured that moment with Pictures, Selfies and Commentary. It doesn’t matter who that person was or how well you know them, you have unlimited access to a moment that could have been lost.

Happy Faces Live allows all guests to see and re-live those moments throughout the whole event from everyone’s prospective!



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